Working in the Lab

Research assistants in the Attraction and Relationships Research Lab have multiple responsibilities.  These hard-working undergraduates work with each other, the graduate students, and Dr. Eastwick on a variety of ongoing research projects. Research assistants' duties include:

  • Running experimental sessions
  • Coding data
  • Developing study material
  • Attending weekly lab meetings
  • Reading relevant literature  

Are you interested joining the lab?  Those who do will gain valuable experience, including:

  • Learning about every stage for the research process
  • Learning about current issues in the field of relationship science and social psychology
  • Learning about careers in behavioral research
  • Building a competitive graduate school application
  • Building personal relationships with professionals in the field
  • Building personal relationships with other students who share your academic interests

We recruit research assistants three times a year (at the end of each quarter).  If the research assistant position appeals to you, contact Dr. Eastwick at He or one his graduate students will contact you about the interview process.