Leigh Smith 

Graduate Student Researcher/Teaching Assistant
Department of Human Development and Family Sciences 
University of Texas at Austin 
Office: 2.440 SEA
Phone: 512-232-0891

About Leigh

Leigh graduated from San Francisco State University in 2010 with a B.S. in Physics & Applied Mathematics and a B.A. Psychology. She joined Dr. Eastwick’s lab in the Fall of 2013 as a PhD student in the Department of Human Development and Family Sciences.

Broadly, Leigh is interested in how people differentially rely on internal cues (such as physiological sensations and affective experiences) versus external cues (such as interaction partners and the social environment) to guide relationship processes.  

She is particularly interested in the following topics:

-How internal affective and physiological signals promote basic interpersonal behaviors (proximity seeking, attention, attraction) as well as how they shape complex relationship-relevant behaviors (relationship initiation, mate evaluation, responsiveness, self-disclosure).

-How complex social emotions (e.g., love, jealousy, gratitude) are experienced in the body, and how different factors (external stimuli, conceptual knowledge) shape our conscious experience of these emotions.

In addition to her work with Dr. Paul Eastwick, she also conducts research with Timothy J. Loving on close relationship transitions and physiological health.