Lucy Hunt, Ph.D.

Former Graduate Research Assistant

  • Texas A&M University, Social Psychology

  • University of Texas at Austin, Human Development and Family Sciences

Current position: Post-doctoral fellow at Purdue University, Department of Psychological Sciences; email: hunt122@purdue.edu (alternate email = huntlulo@gmail.com)


About Lucy

Lucy received her doctorate in Human Development & Family Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin in 2017. Her research interests include singlehood (e.g., antecedents and consequences of single-based stigmatization, routes toward fulfillment versus dissatisfaction), interpersonal perception, and romantic relationship processes (e.g., initial attraction, pursuit, maintenance). Currently, she is assisting Dr. Ximena Arriaga at Purdue University on a study of attachment processes and a consortium dedicated to promoting acceptance and inclusion. In Summer 2019, Lucy will be moving to Alabama to continue her research and teaching. Interested in her work? Contact Lucy at huntlulo@gmail.com.


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