Lucy Hunt, Ph.D.

Former Graduate Research Assistant

  • Texas A&M University, Social Psychology

  • University of Texas at Austin, Human Development and Family Sciences

Recent Activity: Post-doctoral fellow at Purdue University, Department of Psychological Sciences; email: hunt122@purdue.edu (alternate email = huntlulo@gmail.com)


About Lucy

Lucy received her doctorate in Human Development & Family Sciences at the University of Texas at Austin in 2017. Her research interests include singlehood (e.g., antecedents and consequences of single-based stigmatization, routes toward fulfillment versus dissatisfaction), interpersonal perception, and romantic relationship processes (e.g., initial attraction, pursuit, maintenance). She then went on to assist Dr. Ximena Arriaga at Purdue University on a study of attachment processes and a research group dedicated to promoting acceptance and inclusion. In Summer 2019, Lucy moved to Alabama to continue her professional pursuits. Interested in her work? Contact Lucy at huntlulo@gmail.com.


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